Class Discussion on 5/31/2007
on “Bill Pickett: Rodeo Ridin’ Cowboy”

Class Discussion on 5/24/2007
on “The Coming of the Long Knives”

Class Discussion on 5/16/2007
on “The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung”

Class Discussion on 4/19/2007
on “Sacagawea”

Podcasts on the Inalienable Rights of Children:

Table Group 1

Table Group 2

Table Group 3

Table Group 4

Table Group 5

Link to post on this subject

Podcasts on Making New Nation:

Ronnie and Julian’s Podcast

Class Discussion on 4/16/2007
on our new unit “Going West”

Class Discussion for 3/22/2007
on the “The Master Spy of Yorktown”

Class Podcast for 2/12/2007
Features Leticia, Brandon, Gisela, Julian and an interview with Kristen R. and Claudia

Class Discussion for 2/8/2007
on the “Night Journey”

Class Discussion for 1/25/2007
on “In Two Worlds”

Class Podcast for 1/22/2007
Features Katie and Brandon, and an interview with Kristen R. and Anthony

Class Discussion on 1/19/2007
on “The West Side”

Class Podcast for 1/16/2007
Features Claudia and Andrea, and an interview with Elizabeth and Zhane

Class Podcast for 12/18/2006
Features Erika, Jackson, and an interview with Marrissa

Class Podcast for 12/11/2006
Features Leticia, Martha, and an interview with D.J.

Class Podcast for 12/04/2006
Features Sandra and Erick