Going West

Here is where you can find links to information and posts about unit five, Going West from our Open Court textbook:

First, links on our stories…

  • History of bison (buffalo)
  • An account of a buffalo hunt.
  • Buffalo on Yahooligans!
  • Plains Indians on Yahooligans!
  • Information on buffalo hunting from a Canadian Museum
  • IMA Hero: Sacagawea
  • Discovering Lewis & Clark : The Expedition

  • Next, a podcast on our unit opening discussion…

    Discussion on 4/19/2007 on “Sacagawea”

    Next, posts on our website/wiki:

    Link to our Unit Project Wiki

    Links to blog posts on our website for this unit

    What have you learned so far about the theme of going west? What questions do you still have?

    15 thoughts on “Going West

    1. This story is about Indians who killed buffalos to get things that they needed.I liked it because it is interesting,but long.

    2. what i learned on this unit is that indian’s had to travel alot to get to the buffalo

    3. the only thing that got in the way is KRISTEN R .other then that the week went great expesally durring STAR TESTING !

      Kristen, you are not in the way, you just need to think a bit before you act.–Ms. Mercer

    4. What went well is we paid attention to all our work and had alot to play because we were fast on working on going west.

      I hope you are enjoying what we are working on. –Ms. Mercer

    5. I think this week went well because we did not have lots of problems this week.

      You had a much better week, and should be proud of yourself.–Ms. Mercer

    6. What I learn was that the food that the Indians have left is buffalo but the white man came and kill all buffalos then left.Also,you should not go to others proberties.Stay on your own proberties.

      I like your analysis. I think you have summed up the problem well.–Ms. Mercer

    7. I think this week wil go 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, % better.

      Hey this is great for math. What would this be as an exponent? I should add on math fonts so you could show exponents.–Ms. Mercer

    8. I agree with kiarah.

      I had some questions for Kiarah, you can answer them also. Thanks for commenting–Ms. Mercer

    9. I like the way Katie thinks.

      I had some questions for Katie, you can answer them too. Thanks for commenting.–Ms. Mercer

    10. What I learned was that the food the Indians saved the Whites came and killed them all then left them there.

      Your talking about how the buffalo was used by Indians and whites. How did the Indians use them? How did whites?–Ms. Mercer

    11. Going West is about a kid named Bill he is a cowboy and he does amzing triks.

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