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Mathematics for the week of 5/29/2007 & 6/4/2007

Posted by alicemercer on June 2, 2007

Here is a review of our favorite sites:

Villainy, Inc. | Maryland Public Television

Tessellations, like Busy Beetles puzzle

more tessellations

and, Fun Brain

This week’s question, make up a question for Math…
What’s bigger, one quarter of 200 or half of 100?

5 Responses to “Mathematics for the week of 5/29/2007 & 6/4/2007”

  1.   zhane Says:

    This week whent great beacuse we got all our work done and the whole class was great and everybody got there work done

    Yes, you all are doing a lot of work. Thank you!–Ms. Mercer

  2.   Jason Says:

    They are the same.I’m not sure why but thats what I think

    Well, you are the only one saying that, but maybe you’re seeing things clearer than the rest of us? Maybe we’re thinking about vacation, and that makes us happy, and so it looks better, but it’s really just the same?–Ms. Mercer

  3.   Leticia Says:

    I think that they are the same because if you put one quater of 200 is 50 because 200 divided by 4 is 50.Half of 100 is also 50 ,so they are the same.That is how I got my answer.

    You are RIGHT! Awesome work.–Ms. Mercer

  4.   Brandon Says:

    I think this day went good becaus we do fun things in the class like eat outside and we play allot of other.

  5.   kristen s Says:

    this day went great because we get to eat outside for a long time and we did fun things outside we played with bubble

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