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For the week of May 29, 2007

Posted by alicemercer on May 27, 2007

With just three weeks left of school, we still have a lot to do. This week we will be working hard on our unit projects on Going East.

Here is Homework for 5/28/2007.

Our links for the week:

Comments from last week:

Here is a video from last week’s dodgeball game:

Download: Posted by mizmercer at

And pictures of our picnic on the grass:

How did your week go?

16 Responses to “For the week of May 29, 2007”

  1.   Nancy Says:

    My week went kind of good and kind of sleepy these days,I still got a great life like always.(yeah)

    I’m glad you are enjoying your life.–Ms. Mercer

  2.   jackson Says:

    This week went awsome because we got through most of the stuff. Also we only had one PE.

    Any problems with P.E.?–Ms. Mercer

  3.   Alice Says:

    This week went well because we got only one pe. Also we are going to get to eat outside.And we will get to play doge ball.

    You really like dodge ball, don’t you? Sounds like maybe you don’t like P.E.–Ms. Mercer

  4.   Malik Says:

    This week went better because we didn’t have as many problems

    You are right, it’s going pretty well.–Ms. Mercer

  5.   Erick Says:

    This week went well because we got to eat outside.Also we got to play dogeball.

    I think that it has too. Do you like our picnics?–Ms. Mercer

  6.   jereltzzy Says:

    the week went chaty but it was okay

    It still is a little chatty in some areas (like yours), but overall I think you’re right, it’s okay.–Ms. Mercer

  7.   David Says:

    My week went good because I did all my homework.

    I’m glad you had a good week. Thanks for writing a note to me.–Ms. Mercer

  8.   Sandra Ledesma Says:

    This week went kind of good because we finish the work we had to do.

    You did finish your homework.–Ms. Mercer

  9.   Brandon Says:

    I think the day went good becaus we are going to eat outside and we are going to have play time.

  10.   Gisela Says:

    I think this week went good because we went to eat outside and play a another class Doge ball.

  11.   Elizabeth Says:

    I think the week went well becuse we went to eat outside and had alot time to play we got are work done.

  12.   victor Says:

    The calss is go at the doge ball

  13.   DJ Says:

    Last week went preaty goood i think we got most of are work done last week.

  14.   DJ Says:

    But i didnt like pe last week we had to write sentences.

  15.   Taylor Says:

    Lastweek went good and bad becausewe got free time. It went bad because some people were talking.

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